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Taste the Rainbow, Seasonal Jam Collection - FREE SHIPPING!

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My favorite part of jam making is the way you learn to mark time with each season's passing.  As it's happening, you don't realize it, but by the end of the year, so many of my memories are lumped together by season, each so perfectly defined by the jam I was making at that time-- Strawberry season marks the end of winter when my kids abandon socks and jackets even though there is still a chill in the air (and sometimes even a frost underfoot).  It's the best season, as they all tend to be, until the next begins and its own beauties and joys are revealed.  

This jam collection is our ode to another year gone by.  It reflects, better than anything else, the NC season's and the harvest we draw from.  As you taste each jam, we hope the flavors take you back in time to your memories of seasons past-- the people, the colors, the feelings, the magic.  

Included in this collection are 6 of our favorite jams that span the year and it's many seasons.  The flavors cross both sweet and savory lines and make excellent companions for any home-cook.  Also included are stickers and postcards!  

  • 8oz Strawberry Rose
  • 8oz Blueberry Maple
  • 8oz Habanero and Red Pepper
  • 8oz Green Tomato
  • 8oz Apple Butter
  • 8oz Pear Rosemary 

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