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Dark Chocolate, Olive Oil and Sea Salt Cookies

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Every bakery has a signature chocolate chip cookie-- this is ours.  We've been making it for over 10 years and think it's pretty close to perfect.  Kids love it, adults love it and vegans love it too (yes, it happens to be vegan).  

Each bag contains 5 perfect cookies.  Perfect for gifting, stashing or sharing.  


bread flour, chocolate chips [cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla], white granulated sugar, brown sugar, canola oil, olive oil, water, baking powder, baking soda, vanilla extract kosher salt. This item contains: WHEAT

Storage Instructions

Once opened, store in a sealed container or freezer!

Try it like this

Here's how I've enjoyed these cookies through the years:
1. eaten hot and fresh (don't be afraid to pop that baby in the toaster oven).

2. straight from the freezer. because of the olive oil, it freezes softer than most cookies and warms up quickly from the warmth of your hand.

3. sandwiched around ice cream

4. dunked in milk

5. pulled from the depths of my purse as crumbs and shoveled into my mouth.

6. + a slather of salty almond butter

7. Packed in a bag for hiking, picnics, long drives,

8. Shared between me and my three daughters in the car-line at pick-up.

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