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Blackberry Ginger Jam

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Sometimes we add ingredients to bolster flavors rather than to give them their own spot-light—to me, that’s what ginger does in this jam—helps the blackberries shine. We keep the seeds in, for texture, and to remind us what it’s actually like eating perfectly sweet and sometimes tart blackberries off the wild brambles found throughout Durham.  We don’t get nearly as many blackberries each year as we do strawberries or peaches, so supplies are limited!


Blackberries, fresh ginger, granulated white sugar, pectin, lemon juice

Storage Instructions

Unopened, our jams can be stored for 1 year at room temperature. Once opened, please refrigerate.

Try it like this

This is a jam’s jam if ever I saw one. It’s beautiful to look at, and its balanced sweetness and bold flavor elevates the most mundane things. Try it on your next PB & J, swirled into your oatmeal, or slather it on your morning toast or biscuit and you won’t be disappointed.

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